10 Questions w/ Parker White

By: Patrick McCarthy

How was the season like working on Lite Years, where did the name come from?

Working on Lite Years was sick but also strange. I'm so used to filming webisodes that a lot of the year I felt like we didn't have enough footy or like things weren't going well for the timeline but looking back now I realize I was totally wrong. We've got such a tight knit crew who all understand each other and work super well together. This year an addition to that was Mike King, who has one of the most positive attitudes of anyone I know. All in all, we skied a ton of pow, we got spoiled at multiple cat ops/one heli op. It was a sick year. Sean Logan came up with the name, I think it came from the depths of his mind. 

Whats up with stock car racing you been getting into?

Stock car racing is fucking nuts. My brother bought me a car from a pawnshop this spring and has been helping teach me how to drive and work on it. My car is a 1980 something Monte Carlo and we race on a quarter mile dirt track every Friday. I've basically entered this world way out of my comfort zone of these unassuming yet extremely intelligent group of people who live, eat, breathe, and shit race car driving. For me its super fun but also pretty recreational, for all of the other people on the track though, it's their lives and you can tell from there sheer passion, skill, and knowledge of the sport. I have a lot of respect for it.

I heard you recently got into the speak easy business. Care to explain?

My buddy and I built a bar called The Oiler... and by that I mean I came up with the idea and then my buddy built most of it 'cause he's good at stuff like that. It's this old Oil Storage shed used originally by the railroad it's next to, then by an old Chevron, and eventually by us. Its a probably 12' by 20' metal shed with oil soaked wood floors. People hang there, drink beer, escape their wives, shoot the shit. It's pretty much become my favorite place I go there almost everyday.

Do you do anything in the summer to get ready for the upcoming season?

I don't do anything to get ready besides skateboard and drink Old Milwaukee.

Why 911 for the car number and not 686?

I think there's a guy out of Great Falls with 686 for his race car, so that was taken. That and we all got a kick out of putting the police's number on my car.

How was the Beartooth Pass adventure with the 686 crew? 

The Beartooth Pass was I think the best team trip I've been on. Not just the skiing and boarding, but the whole trip and vibe. Such a solid crew and I think there's something special about bringing everyone together in the mountains with no service, no laws, no Instagram or Twitter, or whatever. It makes people come together, motivate for big missions, whether that's shredding a line, collecting wood, building an ice bath, having a three day wiffleball series. I dunno man just everything about it was awesome and I hope we can do it again.

What did you think about spending some time on the mountain with Snowboarders this season?

I like going out with the snowboarders. I made some good friends this winter that I wouldn't have without 686. Also, it motivated me to spend some more time on the board. We gotta get some of these dudes on skis though! Ha.

Any big hunting trips coming up for you?

I have one big trip planned, with a friend, up in northeastern Montana to go archery hunt Elk. I've still never shot an elk with my bow that is my ultimate goal in hunting. Other than that I will hunt some deer later in the fall, hunt some mountain grouse. Just try to wake up early, spend time outside, and stay fit before the season.

What was your go-to kit this season?

I was in the SMARTY GORE-TEX 3-in-1 Weapon Jacket and Pant for the entire season. Its really awesome!

Any big Harley Davidson adventures coming up this Summer?

We'll see nothing planned yet but I should probably get one in before summer's over. Maybe do a little swimming hole/skatepark tour or something. So far I've just been doing small ones here and there.