10 Questions With Parker White

It's about time we catch up with Parker White to see how his season panned out filming for his segment in Level 1's new film Zig Zag. Parker spent most of last season traveling and filming with good friend and Zig Zag Co-Director, Freedle Coty. Their work together paid off because Parker pieced together a killer segment in the film. We recently reached out to Parker in Annecy, France during the Zig Zag Premier Tour to learn about his favorite experiences while filming with Level 1. 

Q: What was your season like working on Zig Zag with Level 1?

A: Working on Zig Zag was great. I think doing something old, but at the same time completely new again sort of helped reinvigorate my attitude towards the whole process. Freedle and I had a blast filming that segment last year and I'm stoked on how it all came together. I can’t wait to do another!

Q: Where did the film’s name come from?

A: The film’s name came from Freedle’s mind. The dictionary definition of the word describes a pattern created using alternating course, which essentially describes skiing to a T.

Q: Favorite zone you traveled to while filming?

A: We hit Baker perfectly and stayed out there for a little over two weeks. It never got above freezing level which, as you know, is really rare for up there. I also think it snowed something like 70” in that time. The snow mixed in with sessions on all of those classic hits I’ve seen in snowboard films for so long made Baker my favorite trip I think. 

Q: Most memorable moment on one of the Zig Zag trips?

A: I don't think there is one particular moment, but seeing all of the insanity go down at Kimbo Sessions was definitely a standout. I got to meet this whole new younger generation. These kids were doing things I straight up didn’t know were possible. Shout out to Hugo and Emile for that SLVSH game; mind blown.

Q: Who has your favorite part in the film?

A: I really liked the Dahrkness / Rainville / Ahmet / Duncan segments, but then again I’m biased. The Swede's segmentss were bangers as well. There was an awesome crew involved through the entire process.

Q: What was your go-to kit last season?

A: Last year, I was wearing the orange and black GORE-TEX® Weapon Jacket in XL and an XL GORE-TEX® SMARTY® Cargo Pant. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Q: Are you still touring with Level 1 for the Zig Zag Premieres?

A: Oh Yeah! I’m currently with the crew in Annecy, France. We’re on our way to Switzerland with our good friend Sämi for an upcoming premier. The Zig Zag Tour has been all time.

Q: Heard you were giving out mullet cuts on stage. How was that?

A: That was hilarious! The kid said he wanted it. Apparently, he had a job interview the next day, I think he got it.

Q: Where are you off to next?

A: Hopping in a car to Switzerland tomorrow and then I’m spending my season in Nelson, B.C. Excited for a fresh season and something new again.

Q: What’s your plan for this season?

A: I think it’s Level 1’s last year making a film, so I’m just going to hang with Freedle again and film the best segment I can!