10 Reasons Why You Should Be Riding With Hydrastash®

 Do you really want to stop riding ‍‍‍when you are having an awesome day on the mountain? We didn't either, and that is precisely what led to the development of Hydrastash®. We were confident there was a better way to hydrate during activity without the use of‍‍‍ a hydration pack or water bottle. Take these as you may, but here are 10 reasons why we think you should be riding with Hydrastash® this season.



If you use a hydration backpack to carry water on the mountain, you're well aware of its additional weight and bulk as well as its propensity to throw you off balance. If this is you, we might have your solution. Hydrastash® provides the on-demand hydration you’re looking for on the mountain, while offering the freedom of riding without a pack.


We all wish we could carry a water bottle with us on the mountain, but unfortunately, bottles can be rigid, heavy and bulky making them practically impossible to carry comfortably while riding. Not to mention the possible injury they can cause from a hard fall. With Hydrastash® you can carry up to 25 oz. of water in a reusable, highly durable bladder that seamlessly zips into the jacket's powder skirt, making it a non-obtrusive hydration source that’s with you when you need it most.


Just like reusable bottles, Hydrastash® will eliminate your dependence on bottled water as well as single-use plastic and paper cups at resorts. More often than not, these disposable mediums find their way to landfills, never being broken down or recycled. At this year's Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, Hydrastash® Technology took home Mountain Weekly News' Environmental Award for helping cut down on single-use waste at resorts.


How often are you wishing you had access to water while riding, but you don't want to waste time taking a water break while there are turns to be had?  Hydrastash® encourages you to drink more and drink more often increasing your valuable time on the hill all while keeping you hydrated throughout the day.


It's no secret that hydration is an important part of any physical activity. By the time you’re feeling thirsty, you are more than likely already dehydrated. If you don’t believe us, take the advice of Robert Sallis, medical director for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawai'i, “Mental and physical performance plunges when you're 2 percent dehydrated.”


Maybe you just accept that your hydration pack will freeze under cold temperatures. Even with insulation, tubes and bite valves are prone to freezing due to exposure to the elements. You wont have this problem with Hydrastash®; it's engineered to use your own body heat within the jacket to keep the fluid from freezing. If you’re going to take water on the hill, you should be able to actually drink it, right?



If you've followed the innovation of hydration over the years, the trend is to move the weight of the water lower toward your center of gravity. We took it one step further with Hydrastash®, wrapping the system around your waist using the jacket’s powder skirt, having no effect on your riding. If you're curious what riding with this system feels (or better yet, doesn't feel) like, take it from 686 team rider, Benji Farrow:

"Riding with Hydrastash® is a game changer when lapping the park. The system is set up in a way so that I forget I'm even riding with it on, and when I need a drink it's right there on hand. I was surprised how well the bladder holds up when taking a slam. Never had an issue."- Benji Farrow



You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style while riding, and with Hydrastash®, that won't be a problem. Unlike using a hydration backpack, Hydrastash® is seamlessly integrated into the jacket so you remain stylish without anything external throwing your kit off.


We all take slams and get rocked every now and then. For this reason, we engineered the Hydrastash® bladder to withstand any fall you can throw at it. If you're not convinced, check out our impact testing method:


Up to this point, we touched on the advantages of riding with the Hydrastash® system. You might be asking, what else is so special about these jackets? All Hydrastash® products are equipped with the technical features and strict attention to detail our GLCR outerwear line is known for. Hydrastash® jackets will have no problem keeping you warm, dry, comfortable and best of all, hydrated while doing the things you love most.