686 x Woodward Copper Recap With Patrick McCarthy

Team Activities: Benji Farrow with a stalled out front flip to Hi-Five. Less Wifi. More Hi-Fives! (Photo: Jeff Potto @pottomon)

Every summer Woodward Copper invites some of the 686 crew out for signature session. Each time Woodward Copper opens its doors to us we have an amazing week of interacting with campers and riding the glacier under summer sunshine. The campers were able to harness their stoke throughout the entire week, learning and progressing with each lap.


Chase Blackwell was doing these frontside cork 360 nose grabs where he would revert back from 540 to 360. It was awesome to see him putting some style and progression into the jump line. (Photo: Jeff Potto @pottomon)

The Woodward Copper Park consists of 3 sections: a triple line that went into a fun rail line, finishing up with a quarter pipe at the bottom. Once at the bottom, campers can hop right onto the magic carpet and coast back to the top to do it all again. The magic carpet allows ensures campers save their energy and put it back into their riding and progression. Each afternoon, the campers were provided with an on-hill BBQ to hydrate and re-fuel while the diggers raked out the features for the second session of the day.

Benji Farrow has some serious versatility. I was blown away watching him skate the Breck park and seeing how much skill he has on a skateboard and snowboard. 
(Photo: Chip Proulx @chipproulx)

Forrest Burki with the perfect tuck knee backflip over the main jump line. Style on and off the hill is Burki’s speciality and all week he was on one
(Photo: Chip Proulx @chipproulx)

The crew this year was diverse. Brett Esser, Benji Farrow and Chase Blackwell held down the Colorado contingency. Mary Rand came through for the ladies and Jared McDaniel, David Faircloth and Forest Burki rounded out the remainder of the 686 crew. From off hill art shows, campfire cookouts, dodge ball matches, go-kart races, skateboarding, to on-hill progression sessions and method contests, the week was a definitely a complete success.


Mary Rand brought it all week for the ladies. The girl campers were spinning laps with Mary and learning all the latest moves on the down bars.
(Photo: Chip Proulx @chipproulx)


It felt good to get back on the board and flow through the jump line. The jumps might have looked a bit dirty, but they were smooth as butter and were perfect for summer progression. (Photo: Chip Proulx @chipproulx)

Big thanks go out to all the people who helped make Woodward Copper run smoothly this year. From Adam and Morrison to all the coaches and staff, this place provided and epic experience on-hill and off-hill for our crew and all the stoked campers. Off-hill they provided something to do for everyone and on-hill they had a consistent park layout – aiding the riders in their progression for the upcoming season. I can’t wait to pack up the board bag again and head back to Woodward Copper, Colorado next year!

- Words by 686 Team Manager, Patrick “Sarge” McCarthy @patrickmccarthy