686 x Woodward Copper Recap with Patrick McCarthy

Woodward Copper is a paradise high in the Rocky Mountains for board sport enthusiasts. Every year, the Copper Mountain crew consistently puts together one of the best summer parks on the planet with a number of on- and off-hill activities to satisfy just about anyone. From the alpine slides, go-kart track, skatepark, and trampoline barn training facility, Copper has just about everything an athlete needs to progress in his or her abilities. This year enrollment was way up with many eager campers rolling through the program. This yearly pilgrimage for me is a way to connect with the kids and relive my days as a camper myself.

The Woodward Copper Park consists of 3 sections: a triple line that goes into a fun rail line, finishing up with a quarter pipe at the bottom. Once at the bottom, campers can hop right onto the magic carpet and coast back to the top to do it all again. The magic carpet ensures campers save their energy and put it back into their riding and progression. Each afternoon, the campers were provided with an on-hill BBQ to hydrate and re-fuel while the diggers raked out the features for the second session of the day. 

Every year, I send an invite out to the 686 team in Colorado along with anyone else who wants to make the journey. This summer the 686 crew was stacked for the week. Kyle Mack was destroying. Brett Esser brought a fire and consistency all week. Benji Farrow put a show on for the campers on just about every feature. Chase Blackwell showcased a savage bag of tricks and unbridled stoke at all times. Stephon Deifer came through and brought his high energy. Duncan Adams surprised the crew and skied the place like a bat out of hell connecting with every ski camper. Jared McDaniel brought his rail style to new heights. David Faircloth was ripping and organized a plan for how to inspire the kids to a new level. Ed Enyart came out from Utah for a taste of the park. And last but not least, our Colorado/Utah Rep Dave Graves came through with the stoke and smiles making every moment a good time. 

Big thanks go out to all the people who helped make Woodward Copper run smoothly this year. This place provided an epic experience on-hill and off-hill for our riders and all the stoked campers. Off-hill they had something for everyone to do and on-hill they had a consistent park layout – aiding everyone in their progression for the upcoming season. Needless to say, it was an amazing week in Colorado at Woodward.


Words: Team Manager, Patrick McCarthy

Photos: Chip Proulx (@chipproulx)