ALL-TERRAIN PERFORMANCE COLLECTION: Pre-season Training w/ Riley Nickerson

Riley Nickerson remains loyal to the steel most of the winter and with that comes hard slams on some not so soft obstacles. The body has got to be ready for that kind of abuse. Between volcano sessions at Mt. Hood and indoor rail contests on the east coast, there’s not a ton of time to focus on prehabbing the body for winter. This summer Riley is based out of Oceanside, CA living his best off-season; skating, surfing, and doing thousands of push-ups. He’s been putting our new ATP Collection to the test and in-between sessions answered some questions about his pre-season training.

What does your routine over the summer leading into winter usually consist of? Let’s say weekly. How much are you active. Give us some specifics.  

Riley: So, when it comes to me and clocking in time at the gym, I’m either doing it or I’m the total opposite and I’m not doing it.  When I’m on, I’ll go 3-4 days a week. I start off every gym session with a ride on a stationary bike and try to hit at least 30-mins, then from there I’ll stretch and do 100 pushups. After that I’ll lift some weights, but on the mellower side of it and do some leg work outs

Has it changed at all from when you were an indestructible grom?  

Yeah, it’s changed a little for sure, you gotta be more on top of stretching and taking care of yourself when you get a lil’ older, haha. And I don’t know if I would refer to myself as one of those indestructible groms. I gotta pretty banged up around 12-16 years old. 

Does Sarge (Patrick McCarthy, Team manager) ever crack the whip and make sure the team are doing daily calisthenics?  

Ha. Honestly not really.

If you had to throw a 686 teammate under the bus, who do you think is the laziest during the offseason?  

Not sure. Crazy to say, but might be me sometimes

What’s this rumor I hear about the 200 push-ups a day challenge?  

Yeah, I gotta get back on that program, I was doing 100-300 a day earlier this summer, but fell off a little.

Controversial question: Is skateboarding exercise? 

I wouldn’t refer to skateboarding as exercise personally, but I guess it is for sure. Breaking a sweat and out being active is exercise. I think of it more as a fun way to stay in-motion. And a positive recreation and use of time.

Street riders take some hard slams. Would you approach the season different if all you did was ride pow? Are pow riders soft? Haha 

Naw, pow riders are not soft at all. They take f**ked up slams. I’ve personally gotten the smack down on some pow jumps and that’s no joke. But street slams can be brutal with concrete and steel rails involved.

Let’s talk diet. Are you a garbage disposal kind of guy or try to eat healthy? What’s your go-to meal.  

I got some garbage disposal vibes at times, but I try to be conscious of what goes in my body. And when I’m home, definitely on my smoothie program.

What about a go-to post-workout meal? 

Smoothie with protein powder is the go-to. What I eat with that changes, probably something involving chicken though.

How do you know when you’re ready for winter? 

If I’m healthy and hyped to board.

You just got back from competing at Big SNOW. Did you do anything specific to get ready for the Rail Jam? 

No, not really, I guess try to ride a lot before.

Give the people a good all-round workout to do before winter starts:

  • Make sure to get some good stretches down.
  • Clock some bike time or running time; whatever you prefer.
  • Hit at least 100 push ups.
  • Planks and other core strength work outs.