Beyond The Boundaries Women's Snowboard Camp w/ Mary Rand

Photos: Mary Walsh @mtwalsh

Snowboarding is a realm largely dominated by the male gender since its beginnings but recently the paradigm has been breaking down and the number of females on snowboards seems to be gaining ground on their male counterparts. A necessary and greatly important program such as Beyond the Boundaries can be an integral piece for a female snowboarder whether for coaxing a 12 year old Mary Rand to try new things on her way to a professional snowboard career or to give others a taste of satisfaction and confidence in their own personal success. Programs like this are hugely important for the future of our ladies and deserve to be highlighted.

St. Patricks Day weekend I coached a women's two day park focused snowboard camp at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH.  I hold both Loon Mountain and this event near and dear to my heart. The camp, now called Beyond the Boundaries, was originally known as the dropping-in clinic, which started at Loon Mountain 14 years ago. I participated in the camp that first year when I was only 12 years old. This was a pivotal and unforgettable moment for me. The dropping in clinic, amongst a few other experiences, sparked a fire in me to follow my passions.  

To me coaching this event, and others like it, are one of the most rewarding parts of being a professional snowboarder. Snowboarding is all about building friendships by sharing the experience of stepping out of your comfort zone as well as helping one another to do so, no matter what the level of riding may be.  Beyond the Boundaries sets the platform for just this, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it.  
-Mary Rand Professional Snowboarder @bigairmare