Field Testing the Featherlight Pant

A Review of the Featherlight Chino by 686 Photographer Tyler Ravelle

I needed to get out of service. After a busy few weeks of shooting all I wanted was to set up a tent and hang far away from everyone. I loaded up my hiking pack with my favourite food and took the bumpy road to Watersprite Lake in BC.
This year has been unusually bad for bugs here on the coast, which means hiking in shorts is boarderline torture. I took my featherlight pants out for their first adventure and they did not disappoint. Even on a hot day, they were so comfortable and light to wear on the several hour hike up to the lake. Stepping over large boulders, hopping  from stone to stone over creeks and rivers and setting up camp was so comfortable and easy.
Whether I'm going out for dinner, or hiking up mountains. These are going to be my go to pants for the summer.