Introducing GLCR Advocate - Alex Rozman

Alex Rozman is a 21 year old photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a unique point of view. Adventurous and determined, Alex continues to test the limits of his capabilities through hiking trips and outdoor adventures. We are excited to announce Alex as an addition to the 686 family and the GLCR Project.


How long have you been shooting photos/video?

I've been taking pictures and videos for a few years now, but I really became passionate about it when I bought my Sony a6000 about a year ago.

What got you into what you're doing?

I've always loved outdoor adventures ever since going to summer camp when I was 10, but moving to Boulder, Colorado for school has really deepened my love for being out in nature even more. 

Are you working on any interesting projects or have any trips coming up?

This summer I'm hoping to take a hiking/climbing trip up to Glacier National Park and maybe even a few Canadian National Parks too.

What are some of your favorite past projects or trips? 

My favorite most recent trip was to Chamonix, France. It's this beautiful small mountain town in the shadow of Mont Blanc (the 7th tallest mountain in Europe). The hiking and mountain scenery there was some of the most spectacular I've ever experienced.

- The most memorable experiences are usually the hardest. Sometimes that’s post-holing for miles through waist deep snow, or sometimes it’s a torrential downpour that lasts for 10 hours soaking you to the core. I'm excited to add 686 gear to my closet to see how it performs and how many unforgettable memories I can make wearing it.

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