Laurent De Martin x 7Peaks Riverstyle 2019 Recap

The 7Peaks Riverstyle is a two-day big air competition right smack in the middle of the village of Morgins on the western border of Switzerland. Swiss Team Rider Laurent De Martin was tasked with organizing this year's event and putting together a show for the Swiss fans. Laurent spent months working hard to dial in sponsors, riders and event logistics. Read below to see what was going through his mind leading up the the event and to see the fruits of his labor.

Day-By-Day Recap with LDM

Monday: Normally on Mondays, I try to rest up to ensure that I'm ready for what the week has to offer. After just returning from a 3-week mission to Cooke City with the Level 1 Crew, I was pretty tired from all the skiing and traveling I've been doing the last few weeks. Luckily, the excitement of 7Peaks week got me up early and energized to meet up with everybody.

Last Thursday, the shaping crew had started working on the jump's infrastructure, so when I got there the base was almost ready to go. Now it was time to start building the kicker. With my two friends, six hands and a big spider machine, the 10-meter jump was completed over the next 3 days. I had to balance my time carefully, spending time building the jump, helping fill the landing, working with media partners, and making sure everything was dialed with the riders competing.

Tuesday: When we woke up Tuesday morning, the snow was too hard to shape, which gave me a few hours to organize last-minute riders, judges, and the start list for the event. Once the snow softened, we were back on the jump grind.

Wednesday: By the end of the day Wednesday, the jump was complete and ready for a test run. Unfortunately, the snow was too soft at the end of the day, so we decided to test it out on Thursday. Later that evening, riders started piling in. One of my favorite moments of the week was seeing their brains explode at first sight of the glorious kicker. 

Thursday: Thursday was probably the longest day of the week. The media started marching in at 10AM on the dot to see some test runs and interview a few of the riders. I got there early to test out our creation and make sure it was perfect for the event. On my first test, I got a few photos and put together a first try video for the media to push for the event (Check it out below). Even after 3 years of doing this event, the test jump is always scary.

@laurentdm First try today @7peaks_riverstyle 

Around noon, we started putting the final touches on the jump and its landing. Once the jump was officially ready for launch day, I headed over to Lausanne for a live interview with Couleur 3 - one of the biggest radio stations in Swiss-French part of Switzerland. After 30 minutes of Q&A, I went straight back to Morgins for our sponsors night. The night was epic and couldn't have gone better with free food, drinks at the 7Peaks Brewery, and a mad jump show for 300 people stoked people!

Friday: Friday was the day to put on a show for the crowd! Before the night kicked off, I showed the speed needed for the kicker to all the riders and we were ready to go big. The concept for the night was a friendly battle between skiers, snowboarders, and bikers. Everyone killed it! My favorite part of the night was our rapid-fire jump consisting of almost 20 skiers going together. The crowd was on fire!

Saturday: Saturday was the final day of the event. In the morning, all the riders went to my home park, Superpark of Les Crosets, to ski with 105 stoked kids. It’s always an amazing time teaching and shredding with the younger generation. I was hyped to see that all the riders enjoyed giving back to the community.

Saturday night was the main event and it couldn't have gone better. The night provided a pumped-up crowd and a big show from the athletes, ending with a tandem jump between a snowboarder, a biker and myself. What a finish. With nightfall came clear skies and the event was on. I’ll spare you more words just go watch the video up top of the page!

Words: Laurent De Martin