A Glimpse into Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark 21

R: Yuki Kadono

Superpark is not for everyone. Side effects include, snowburn, sunburn, hangovers, beer shortages, body odor, Kodak courage, excessive branding, broken boards, trench foot, frontal flips, backward flips, grab and spins, double chucks, triple chucks, over energetic and over caffeinated 14-16 year olds who have been better at snowboarding than you since the day they were born. Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark is now legal in its 21st year and for the second consecutive year at Mammoth Mountain a seeming perpetual winter wonderland, its damn sure bigger, better and girthier than it has ever been. I mean come on the features that are built have almost no business existing outside of your Xbox. 120+ foot jumps, hips the size of buildings and consequence that of the same as jumping off of one. That being said we came for the snowfield littered with large sculpted takeoffs, strewn with bent metal but stayed for the beauty Mammoth Lakes has to offer. While this event is extraordinary on-snow its also an excuse for friends to gather in masses and enjoy each others company.

-Erik Hoffman  Staff Photographer / Graphic Designer  @erikhoffmanphoto

Our tiny home for the week. It slept six with an upstairs loft, a downstairs master bedroom and a kitchen attached to a living room. You're never further than talking distance from anyone in the house. Rule #1: Turn on the fan and shut the door after using the bathroom... Polaroid by @tristansadler

Team Rider Max Lyons contributes to the eventual demise of the hanger rail in the Carinthia zone as it snapped off of the feature later on that day.

This is Shuhei Sato. He made his way to Mammoth all the way from Japan for Superpark 21. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, this is a photo of him flying past the branches of a tree placed dead center in the middle of the Boreal zone.

R: Christian Connors

The "arrowhead" jump made a triangle with two quarter pipes and a jump landing in Loon Mountain's zone. This jump was probably about a debatable 85ft to the knuckle as you see young gun Sam Klein spin over it while grabbing tail with no gloves. 

Benji Farrow seen above doing a switch backside rodeo over a Piston Bully snowcat that was used to build this feature. Benji later landed a switch double backside rodeo on the same jump as the sun set. Mammoth kept lifts running for Superpark until around six when the rest of the mountain closed at 4pm.

This guy. Nobody that I spoke with knew his name. What we did notice is that for one, he rips, two he wears a third mitten on his belt loop and three he always wears a backpack. He was quickly dubbed the name "backpack guy" for obvious reasons. It's not confirmed what exactly is in his bag but I heard multiple things from a Smirnoff Ice to tons of blunts. Whatever is in there those things had a hell of a ride as he managed to double backflip and frontside 180 the 120+ ft Mammoth jump with the backpack on. Him and his backpack will no doubt go down in superpark lore.

R: Jesse Paul

The eastern Sierras offer some natural relief from the aching muscles and joints sure to plaque anyone riding the event for days on end. These are the hot springs that sit in the basin that cradles Mammoth Lakes, a welcome spot to cruise to with friends, drink some beer and unwind.