It's Parking Lot Season - Play Polish Horse Shoes

It’s spring and who are you kidding, when you get to the hill you’re not looking for the best conditions. You are no longer trolling the forecast looking for a powder day; instead you’re rolling out of bed late looking for the sun…and a beer or two, or three. April, it’s the month of the parking lot, when die-hards turn into parking lot try-hards. They bring the chairs, charcoal, meats, beers and lets be real we love those saints who are willing to open up their tailgates to those loyal mountain goers looking to get a little sloshed after slashing some slush. Now as the last remnants of white begin to dissipate from the slopes and the time spent on the hill swings in the direction of the parking lot barbeque time it would be irresponsible for one to not be prepared with some entertainment aside from the burgers and your buddies falling into the pond skim.

The solution, a couple ski poles, a couple empty cans, one Frisbee, and four human beings each holding a cold one. We call it Polish Horse Shoes, but also goes under the aliases of Frisbeener, French Darts and Beersbee but call it what you want here’s how you play. Shove those ski poles about twenty to forty feet apart, place one empty can on each ski pole, and arrange yourselves in such a way that each pole has a person on each side of it. Don’t let go of that beverage in your hand, rules state that each player must have only one free hand for catching and throwing the Frisbee.

So now that you’re on the brink of being the envy of the entire parking lot we should talk rules. The person you’re standing next to is your teammate. The object of the game is to knock the empty can off the stake either by hitting it directly or by hitting the stake. If the disc hits the stake and the empty can is knocked off, then 1 point is scored unless the can is caught before it hits the ground. If the disc hits the can directly and the can is knocked off, then 2 points are scored if the can hits the ground and only 1 point if the can is caught before it hits the ground. In addition, the disc itself must be caught after every throw. Failure by the defending team to do so earns the throwing team 1 point unless your buddy on the other team airs it ten feet over your head or digs it into the ground. Goal of the game is to be the first team to score 21 points and you have to win by two. Oh yeah and don’t be that guy who catches the Frisbee before it passes the pole. HANDS BEHIND THE POLE! Otherwise you’re penalized three points and you become the laughing stock of the lot.

Now that you’re in the in enjoy the last gasps of resort air as the season comes to a close and remember a good time is just a plastic disk, couple empty cans and a couple ski poles away. It’s simple, easy and travels well, do it wherever whenever a good time is imminent. It’s just one more thing to help you through those doldrums of summer.