Tor Lundstorm's Playlist

Here's our favorite Swede Tor. The dude's on a perpetual vacation so we decided it was time to put him to work. He gave us this compilation of songs he's been frequently looping while living out his rockstar euro lifestyle. Press play and give it a listen.

The Growlers - "Chinese Fountain"

WDL - "Monster vs. Angel (ft. Mawe)"

Bob Dylan - "Blowin' In The Wind"

David Bowie - "Five Years"

David Bowie - "Soul Love"

David Bowie - "Starman"

Spiders From Mars - "Red Eyes" 

alt-J - "Intro (This Is All Yours)"

alt-J - "Nara"

alt-J - "Choice Kingdom"

alt-J - "Pusher"

Travis Scott - "Pick Up The Phone"

Travis Scott - "Goosebumps"