What is 686's SMARTY® 3-in-1 Technology?

SMARTY® 3-in-1 Technology is the original, trademarked 3-in-1 detachable layering system that adds versatility and value to outerwear. What started as an idea that 686 founder Michael Akira West thought sounded “smart”—attaching an extra inner layer for warmth that could double as its own outfit—has become so ubiquitously used to describe layering it’s practically its own brand name. Back in the 90’s it was just another eccentric idea from 686 but its usefulness is undeniable, and it’s now found across our winter product categories.

Since its inception decades ago, 686 SMARTY® 3-in-1 technology has set the integrated layering standard for the outerwear industry, adding premium versatility and value to jackets and pants. Every SMARTY® combination is specifically designed so that the shell and detachable liner work in unison to provide the ultimate experience, versatility, and value. You can wear your garment in multiple ways:

  • Shell + detachable layer for integrated insulation on the coldest of days.
  • Shell only for moderate days.
  • Detachable layer only for more casual occasions or après.

Not sold on all the layering combinations? Well another way of looking at SMARTY® is you're basically getting a free jacket. What's not to love there?

For those that really want to dial their SMARTY® technology up to 11 we now offer the 5-in-1 Complete Jacket. This is the "7-min Abs" of multi-layering. Pure boss level layering.