Benji Farrow

Instagram Handle: @benjifarrow

Home:Breckenridge CO

Home Mountain: Breckenridge CO

Favorite Piece of 686 Outerwear: I really like the Smarty line, they are the perfect fit for cruising the mountain. When I'm out camping in the back country I love the glacier line. I have even spent nights sleeping inside my tent with glacier gear on inside my sleeping bag.

Last movie part: Sherpas Cinima " Into the Mind "

Extra Hobbies: Skateboarding. Camping and off roading. History.

Last use for the toolbelt: Either opening a Beer or tightening bolts on my skate deck. Probably both in the same day.

Sponsors: 686. Zion Snowboards. Breckenridge Mountain. Vans. Yea Nice.

Thanks You’s: All my sponsors and the amazing TMs, warehouse staff and everyone at the company's  behind me. My family. My close friends like Brett Taylor and Arielle just to name a few. My skateboard. I know there are many others to thank and I owe them all!


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