Compton Surf Club

The Principle is simple, teach new skills, build self-esteem and keep at risk youth off the streets of our local Compton neighborhoods through boardsports and art.


When 686 moved to the Compton, CA neighborhood we were looking at ways to embrace and simultaneously expose the youth to the things that inspired us to build our lifestyles and brands – surfing, skateboarding, art, snowboarding and mountain culture.

The unique challenge of turning down a mountain, standing up on a wave, or riding atop a skateboard under your own balance and power while your best friends are right there cheering you on is an experience unique to board sports and our culture. Having conquered something new that their friends have never tried provides club members a platform to stand up on and be proud. For this project we have chosen to work with Roy W. Roberts, II Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club. A portion of proceeds from every Compton Surf or Snow Club item will help support our ongoing volunteer efforts with the Club.


We work with our Compton Snow Club on a weekly basis, exposing them to new realms of art, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and design to broaden their perspective on the world. We also bring them to our headquarters to show them that success does not have to wear a suit and tie and inspire them to stay on the right track and go after their goals. 

Each season we are fortunate enough to take the club to the mountains and teach them to snowboard. For some, it's their first time seeing snow and for others it's a chance to continue to progress on the mountain. 

If you would like to volunteer your time or expertise for the Compton Snow Club, please inquire at