Gus Warbington

Instagram Handle: @therealgdon

Home: Bend, Oregon

Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor

Favorite Piece of 686 Outerwear: Forest Bailey Cosmic Pant

Last movie part: About to come out :) 

Extra Hobbies: Skateboarding, photography, poetry/writing, listening to music, reading, thinking.

Last use for the toolbelt: Mid-day binding tightening on hill. Couldn't find a snowboard tool, remembered I was wearing one!  

Sponsors: Gnu Snowboards, 686, Sandbox Helmets, Union Bindings, Milosport, Lick the Cat, Drink Water.

Thanks You’s: Mom and Dad, Max, Jesse Burtner, Pat McCarthy, Dave Marx, Kevin Sandsalone, everyone who helped me film this winter, Nicolas Muller, Terje, Louif Paradis, Forest Bailey & Scott Stevens for inspo, all my friends! Lick the Cat forever.


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