Kyle Mack


Instagram: @kylemack

Favorite three riders on 686: Forest Bailey, Mike King, Matt Belzile 

Home: Silverthorne, Colorado

Contests or Filming: Filming 

Favorite City: Detroit


Skate or Surf: Wake Surf

Any Projects this season you’re hyped on: My own project!

Where are you from: West Bloomfield, Michigan

High-Tech or Good-Times: High Tech

Sponsors: 686, Rockstar, Signal, US Snowboarding

What makes you tick: When I feel defeated. And stupidity. 

What other good-times things do you do off the mountain: Snowmobiling is always a good time and just hanging with friends

Photo: Cameron Spencer

Any shout out’s to those who have helped along the way: My old TM Chaka who gave me all my big first opportunity’s and my parents who’s have supported me through everything!

Favorite fruit: Apples

Final Thoughts: Be Happy

Kyles' Gear Picks