Laurent De Martin


Laurent De Martin

Favorite three riders on 686? 

Parker white for sure, always been a big fan.

Forest Bailey, of course his snowboarding is amazing, but his creations are incredible as well.

Tor Lundstrom for his style!



Contests or Filming? 


& a few comps sometimes when the concept is different than a normal park or freeride competition.

Favorite city? 

That’s a hard one. I would say Portland & you know why.

Skate or Surf? 

Skate for sure!

Any projects this season you're hyped on? 

More BC with Level 1 !

Maybe a big kicker that all the snowboarders know in the Absinthe zone at my home resort.

& some camps that I will organize for young riders in my area.

Where you're from? 

Champéry, Les Portes du Soleil, Switzerland

High Tech or Good Times? 

Good times always.

Where you call home today?

Champéry, Les Portes du Soleil, Switzerland


Movement Skis, Les Portes du Soleil, 7Peaks Brasserie (Yes it’s a beer company J) & Dragon Alliance

What makes your tick?

Waste on ski slopes & in the nature!

Explain what a GOOD TIME means to you.

Classic, a lot of pow, sun, a big kicker & friends.

What other good times do you partake in off the mountain?

Skating, partying, eating fondue & discovering sick places.

Any shout-outs to those who have helped along the way?

A lot of people, all my friends since day 1, my family, my girl.

& Parker & Pacome for 686!

Favorite fruit?

Red Wine, that’s made with fruits right?

Final thoughts?

Have fun with passion, that’s what it’s all about. Stoked on the good times ahead with 686!