Victor Daviet


Victor Daviet

Favorite three riders on 686? 

Matt Belzile

Tor Lundstrom

Pat McCarthy



Contests or Filming? 


Favorite city? 


Skate or Surf? 


Any projects this season you're hyped on? 

 Travel and discover some new places with deep powder and amazing people, food, culture.

Where you're from? 

Gap, South of the French Alps.

High Tech or Good Times? 

High tech gives you to enjoy your good times

Where you call home today?

Annecy Beach, France


Salomon snowboard, Smith, Nixon, Addited Shop, PAG neckwear, Drink Water

What makes your tick?

North American cheese. Try the French one you will L<3ove it !

Explain what a GOOD TIME means to you.

Positives or negative moments in the mountains that always end up well.

A least a minimum of snow (better if there's 1 meter of fresh powder).

Some good homies.

And some insane spots.

What other good times do you partake in off the mountain?

Building your igloo, sleeping in it and ride around it  was some of the best riding times of my life.

Any shout-outs to those who have helped along the way?

Uno Game (for all those fun moments during the trips).

And for sure all my friends, coaches, family, sponsors & girlfriends.

Favorite fruit?


Final thoughts?

There is no bad day to go boarding!