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686 x Woodward Copper Recap with Patrick McCarthy

Woodward Copper is a paradise high in the Rocky Mountains for board sport enthusiasts. Every year, the Copper Mountain crew consistently puts together one of the best summer parks on the planet with a number of on- and off-hill activities to satisfy just about anyone. From the alpine slides, go-kart track, skatepark, and trampoline barn training facility, Copper has just about everything an athlete needs to progress in his or her abilities. This year enrollment was way up with many eager campers rolling through the program. This yearly pilgrimage for me is a way to connect with the kids and relive my days as a camper myself. The Woodward Copper Park consists of 3 sections: a triple line that goes into a...

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BTBounds Chile Recap with Mary Walsh

Words: 686 Women's Program Manager, Mary Walsh Summer is in full swing in July: hot days spent surfing, evenings grilling and chilling with friends, weekend camping trips, hikes on forested trails. The sunny season has plenty to love about it, but even when enjoying all the spoils of summertime, we still daydream of fresh snow and all-day resort laps. In pursuit of the best of both worlds, Beyond the Boundaries Women’s Snowboard Camp partners with Steep-N-Deep Powder Tours every year on a summer snowboarding adventure in Chile. The week-long trip has been a staple in the BTBounds calendar for the past four years, offering a unique dip into winter in the middle of July. Even in the midst of winter, Chile’s climate...

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Why You Should Keep Your Season Pass Next Season.

Words: Staff Photographer, Erik Hoffman Everyone raves about the backcountry and how they hiked this or skied that...blah blah blah. On your next ski trip just take a look from your local ski resort’s summit or any number of resort summits on your monster multi-mountain ski pass. Simply put, the backcountry is a lift-less wasteland. I mean if you don't own a snowmobile or a helicopter you're going to have to walk everywhere. You think I'm kidding right? It feels like sometimes I can barely carbo-load with enough 10 dollar beers from the bar to walk back to the gondola. Those who praise it are usually just your try-hard buddy with a Bear Grylls complex. Don’t listen to that guy. “It’s...

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Our Redefined Social Responsibility Program: An Interview with Arthur Cortez

At 686 we want to be more than just a brand. We want to help make a difference in our community and inspire our employees to do the same. This year, we created a new service-based program to inspire our crew to give back to their local communities. We are starting with our local home in South Central Los Angeles. We've set a company goal to complete a minimum of 120 cumulative volunteer hours together, with hopes to surpass and grow that number in the future. 686 will be donating work hours, meaning that the company will be paying employees during the hours required to reach our goals.  We caught up with our Credit Manager, Arthur Cortez - who spearheaded...

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BTBounds Woodward Tahoe Camp Recap with Mary Walsh

Words and Photos: Mary Walsh @walshmt Summer is rough. Sure, the weather’s nice and the days are long, but there’s a distinct lack of snow in the majority of the Northern Hemisphere. While for many, that’s a reason to rejoice and fire up the barbeque, for those of us who love taking lap after lap at our local resort, opening day just feels like a long way off when it’s early June. Enter snowboard summer camp at Woodward Tahoe: one of the best ways to kick off the warmer season with sunny, slushy snowboarding in a park designed for having fun and learning new tricks. The first week of June, Beyond the Boundaries Women’s Snowboard Camp hosted an adult snowboard camp...

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