SET YOUR SUNDIAL: Jake 'Mango' Mageau


Born in Hawaii. Raised in the Mountains. Recharged on the water.

Jake Mageau defies convention or a single label. Snow artist, visual artist, human, dog dad, pro skier, fishing guide, and more all apply. He creates to his own drum beat on and off the mountain.

Kids born in Maui don’t typically grow up to become professional skiers, but Jake is atypical. After leaving the island at a young age he began skiing in the mountains outside Bend, Oregon before moving onto his current home of Salt Lake City. The fundamentals that Jake gained with his halfpipe background created a distinctly “Mango” style that stands out in X Games Real Ski and Knuckle Huck competitions as well as his own solo video projects. He has the unique ability to turn even the smallest obstacle into something spectacular and the supernatural into something relatable. Winters are booked solid with constant progression and the cameras are still filming into June as he chases the last shots under an Arctic sun.

Then - as the snow melts down into rivers, lakes, and reservoirs - Jake migrates the same path to spend his days casting into these waters. His approach to fishing mirrors the creativity of his riding. Always searching for the untouched spot that will deliver the goods and expanding his mind in the process. It’s not just the catch that he’s after but the entire experience. The pre-dawn boat launch, deep conversations with old friends and new strangers, or just spending hours in his own head with his dog Boomer co-habiting the silence. Boomer is becoming infamous in his own right and is down for an adventure winter or summer. Chasing after his human in the backcountry and patiently relaxing on the boat.

Fishing days mirror backcountry ski days with dawn patrols that start cold and dark. Perfect conditions for the GORE-TEX PACLITE Jacket with layers underneath. Next, a few minutes of epic sunrise give pause for renewed inspiration before the day heats up. The unforgiving sun, now overhead, allows the Sun Hoody and Featherlight pants to do what they do best.

These days on the water aren’t just a passion project as Jake is now a licensed fishing guide. Connecting with strangers and giving them a memorable experience brings him as much joy as reeling in a monster catch. Spending his off-season as a guide and the tranquility that casting a rod all-day can bring may appear opposite to the fast speeds of his winter. When in fact each depends on the other. To progress on his skis, he needs the recharge off the mountain. And to have a fruitful fishing season he needs to have given 100% to his skiing. It is this dichotomy between passions and finding his individuality in each that lights his path forward year after year.