686 Genuine

686 Genuine

686 Technical Apparel is the oldest and one of the last remaining independently operated companies in the outerwear industry. We not only believe in our products, but we live the lifestyle surrounding it. Everyone at 686 shares a similar pride in what we do.

There are counterfeiters and non-authorized dealers that copy and steal our brand name, designs and ideas and try to pass them off as 686 Genuine products. These counterfeiters misrepresent what we all work hard for, so please DO NOT support the people that do not support you. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to copy our products, as our manufacturing process is intense and expensive. A jacket may “look” the same as a 686 Genuine product, but if it doesn’t have the 686 Genuine sticker, it most likely is an imposter. You may experience low quality fabric, waterproofing, snaps, zippers, cords and stitching and your non-686 Genuine garment will not be guaranteed under the 686 warranty policy.  

The only way you can trust that your product is 686 Genuine and backed by our warranty is by checking the following looking for the 686® Genuine sticker and only purchasing from 686.com or an Authorized Dealer.

E-bay, auction sites, and trade boards are NOT authorized dealers. There’s no way to tell what you’re really buying and your 686 Warranty will be void if purchased in these instances.