686 PPE Donations


We focused our energy on our home city of Los Angeles - outfitting facilities dealing with Mental Heath, underserved communities and minorities.

We were also able to place some PPE Coveralls into mountain regions in Utah, Arizona and Washington to support communities in the mountains who have given so much to 686 and snowboarding & skiing.

Via Get Us PPE, we are also able to funnel the Coveralls to facilities around the country including mountainous regions we were not able to make direct contact with.

  • Winslow Indian Health Care Center - Winslow, AZ -  Serving an estimated 190,000 Native Americans, WIHCC provides quality, accessible and cost-effective healthcare to their Navajo Nation.

  • Via Care Community Health Center - Los Angeles, CA - With supporting and upholding their community at front-of-mind, Via Care provides a wide variety of healthcare services from Pediatrics to Dental, as well as treating patients with COVID-19.

  • Twin Towers Correctional Facility - Los Angeles, CA - The Twin Towers Correctional Facility is known to be the world’s largest jail. However, less commonly known, it also serves as our nation’s largest mental health facility, housing more than 5,000 inmates with mental illness.

  •  The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, CA - This rehabilitation center focuses on helping people of the community to return home after suffering from an injury, surgery or illness.

  •  Private MD Care - Salt Lake City, UT - Private MD provides mobile healthcare allowing patients unable to access a facility to get the treatment they need from their own home.

  • Chinatown Service Center - Los Angeles, CA - Servicing a variety of Chinese dialects, Chinatown Service Center provides their community with healthcare, social services and community development.

  •  United Care Family Medical Center - Los Angeles, CA -With full family services, UCFMC offers a wide variety of healthcare services from OBGYN to Dermatology to General Medicine.

  • Brier Oak on Sunset - Los Angeles, CA - A small in-need facility that specializes in short-stay rehabilitative care as well as long-term care to patients with many conditions.

  •  Asian American Drug Abuse Program - Los Angeles, CA - Continually pushing to provide services dealing with substance abuse, AADAP is a nonprofit organization focused on helping Asian Pacific Islanders and underserved communities throughout Los Angeles.

  •  Los Angeles Community Hospital - Los Angeles, CA - This community focused, 130 bed hospital has served generations of Los Angeles residents and found their facility in need of PPE during this global pandemic.

  • Family Care Network - Bellingham, WA - Based in Bellingham, Washington near our beloved Mt. Baker, FCN is a lower-cost alternative to an emergency room, offering a full range of Urgent Care Services.

  •  Get Us PPE - Countrywide Distribution- Founded by Emergency Physicians During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Get Us PPE has proven to be a great resource in placing PPE suits in the hands of those in need and has helped us to distribute these to organizations where donations can have the greatest positive impact.


One focus of ours was helping those who help others - frontline workers who work directly in the community and come in contact with at-risk individuals daily.

Another focus was on the community around our office in Los Angeles. We have a history interacting with Boys & Girls Clubs in our local Compton and surrounding areas.

Our last focus was on groups that mentor youth by taking them snowboarding and providing an opportunity that these children otherwise would not have had.

  • Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club -  This is the Club that is closest to the office and the Club we took snowboarding previously as well as taught skateboarding and other skills to the children here. This organization was the first club to serve the south Los Angeles area.

  • Hollywood Boys & Girls Club - While not in our Compton Backyard, this Club is close to 686 because the leader at the club had previously lead our local Watts/Willowbrook Club.

  • The Service Board - TSB builds community around strengthening youth capacity and amplifying youth voice by providing opportunities for leadership and personal development. TSB teaches inner-city, under-served communities how to snowboard in the mountains around Seattle, Washington. This may be the only time these individuals get to go snowboarding.

  • Revert Foundation -  The Revert Foundation aims to create a meaningful impact on the lives of youth, especially those who come from households where snowboarding and other sideways sports (skateboarding and paddle boarding) may not be an option due to financial challenges or the uncertainty of a consistent family structure. By sharing the experiences they had as youth to build a foundation, their mission is to create mentoring opportunities for young people to gain healthy habits, learn life lesson perspectives, and develop self-confidence.

  • Orange County Rescue Mission - This organization is close to us as this is our VP of Sales' local rescue mission. The Orange County Rescue Mission provides assistance to homeless populations in the areas of guidance, counseling, education, job training, shelter, food, clothing, health care, and independent living communities.

  • Mammoth Mountain Hospital and Ski Patrol - We are working on getting masks to the Mammoth Mountain hospital as reusable mask covers for this small hospital that is not equipped to handle a major outbreak. We are also aligning a donation to the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol.