Passing the Craft

At 686 we want to be more than just a brand. We want to help make a difference in our local community and inspire our employees to do the same. 

When we moved to our neighborhood in South Los Angeles, we were looking at ways to teach new skills, build self-esteem and support the youth through exposure to boardsports and art. The unique challenge of turning down a mountain, standing up on a wave, or riding atop a skateboard under your own balance and power while your friends are right there, cheering you on, is an experience unique to board sports and our culture.

We partnered with the Roy W. Roberts, II Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club (2015-2018) and the Harold Robinson Foundation in Watts (2019) under the name "The Compton Surf Club," named after the neighborhood our headquarters is located in - West Compton.

We met with a small group of kids on a weekly basis, mentoring and coaching them through new experiences in art, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and design. Activities included: skating our mini-ramp at our office, learning to snowboard and surf from local pros and hiking in the local trail system. For some, it was their first time dropping in on a ramp, standing on a surfboard, seeing snow or losing site of a city street while deep on a trail.

*Note: The Compton Surf Club is currently inactive due to Covid-19 combined with programming and personnel changes at our local Boys & Girls Club and Camp Unbuntu. We are actively seeking a new program to partner with. If you work or live near the local community and would like to volunteer your time or expertise or have leads on a great program that we can partner with, please inquire at



We also support Lake Tahoe based The REVERT Foundation. Founded by retired professional snowboarder Chris Roach, The REVERT Foundation inspires to shape the growth of youth (ages 10-17) in a positive way and helps them grow into morally, emotionally, physically, and socially competent adults.

Our friends and family at the REVERT Foundation are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of youth, especially those who come from households where snowboarding and other sideways sports (skateboarding and paddle boarding) may not be an option due to financial challenges or the uncertainty of a consistent family structure. By sharing the experiences they had as youth to build a foundation, their mission is to create mentoring opportunities for young people to gain healthy habits, learn life lesson perspectives, and develop self-confidence. The REVERT Foundation is built on the fundamental belief that encouraging and inspiring youth through authentic mountain and outdoor mentoring experiences will contribute positively in lives of the youth they serve. We are proud to partner with them and support their efforts.

If you would like to volunteer your time or expertise for the REVERT Foundation, please inquire at