Diversity Equity Inclusion


We have been deeply affected by the recent demonstrations and calls for racial justice. They have ignited us to reassess our responsibility and act to do more against racism, inequality and social injustice. We have been educating ourselves and building our own Equality Action Plan that will be woven into the fabric of our ethos. We are listening. We are learning. We are changing.


Over the coming weeks, we will be working diligently, collaborating with our employees and local community leaders, and publishing our new Equality Action Plan. We will be publishing our action items and measurable goals in order to hold ourselves accountable.


Here's what we have been doing as a brand.

Joining local protests. Whether here in Los Angeles, or via our athletes and advocates around the globe, we have joined protests in support of Black Lives Matter.

Reigniting our local outreach. We are working to expand our local outreach programming geared towards uplifting youth through exposure to outdoor sports and mentorship.

Assessing and addressing our space at home and within the outdoor communities. At home: We realize we are only a small team and while we do not represent every color, gender, sexual preference equally among our small group, we are pinpointing areas that we can bring in more diversity and redistribute funds when hiring new positions, awarding new contracts and partnering with new athletes and advocates. Within the outdoor communities: While we strive to create a safe space in the communities in snowboard, ski and outdoor, we recognize these are not 100% safe spaces for underrepresented communities. We will be working actively to help change that over the coming years.

Working with partners within the outdoor, ski, snowboard and fashion communities. Over the past week, we have been creating conversations with leaders, athletes and brand employees and executives and discussing how we can all create a larger, lasting change together.

Organizing a forum to initiate open dialogue for our employees and athletes to be able share and discuss recent events, their experiences as well as sharing ideas on fostering diversity and equality.

Researching and compiling educational and emotional support resources and tools for our employees and athletes. We believe education is the key to creating lasting change. We want to empower our team with the proper materials and resources to help build a more aware environment and process the current state of events.

Donating. In addition to our ongoing donations via special products, we are matching all athlete, advocate and employee donations towards charities such as Black Lives Matter, ACLU, NAACP, Campaign Zero and other organizations committed to building diversity and equality.


We are creating our Equality Action Plan to serve as our compass, our guide, and our commitment to ensuring 686 is an advocate for underrepresented communities. We support Black Lives Matter. We are committed to being an active part of the change internally and externally. We know the road ahead is long, but we believe in this positive step forward. We have pressed go and we aren’t looking back.